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How To Connect Like Frank Sinatra At Networking Events

Frank Sinatra was one of those influential guys that no one thought would become successful growing up, he’s known for the quote “massive success is the best revenge” so obviously he had a lot of people that put him down and didn’t believe he would make it, he showed them wrong and did it anyway.

People called him lucky, but some would say the harder he worked, the luckier he got.

What if you applied this to your business, prepare with your skills and talents for the time when you meet someone who may lead to a great new referral partner or big client.

November 1, 2012   10 Comments

Networking Tips: 7 Steps to Create Conversations that Connect By Colette Carlson

In business, being able to converse naturally with others is imperative in your success. The ability to know when to initiate a conversation, keep it interesting through effective questions, share your own stories and end a conversation with kindness is an art. Follow the seven steps below to create connection:

Step #1: Show up with confidence. When you’re comfortable in your own skin you make others comfortable. Remember, your life is a mirror of your thoughts, and whatever attitude you take on is what will be reflected in others. If you take the attitude that you bring something to the table, are likable and accepted, you will see that attitude reflected in others. If you act happy and enthusiastic, others will be also.

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Ten Traits that Make You a Master Networker and Grow Your Business By Ivan R. Misner

Networking is more than shaking hands and passing around business cards. Based on a survey I conducted of more than 2,000 people throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, it’s about building your “social capital.” The highest-rated traits in the survey are the ones related to developing and maintaining good relationships.

For years I’ve been teaching people that this process is more about “farming” than it is about “hunting.” It’s about cultivating relationships with other business professionals. It’s about realizing the capital that comes from building social relationships.

October 27, 2011   4 Comments

How to Use Networking as Your Sole Marketing Vehicle By Jeff Beals

As people realize we like them and respect their opinions, they share information about themselves that can be helpful in analyzing whether they can use our products or services.

So says Canadian businessman Michael J. Hughes, who is known as “THE Networking Guru.” Hughes runs a highly successful Ottawa, Ontario-based consulting business that works with Fortune 500 companies and international associations across North America.

The most interesting thing about Hughes’ business? He built it using networking as his sole marketing vehicle.

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Networking Tips – Introduce Your Customers to Each Other for Their Benefit By Josh Hinds

We hear the term “do business with those who do business with us” all the time. I think that’s a statement worth considering.

You see, as it relates to networking look at the commonly accepted definition of networking which states: networking is simply developing mutually beneficial relationships with others — be they personally, professionally, or a combination of both.

The idea makes sense if you really give it some thought…

August 22, 2008   2 Comments

Networking – Developing Expert Status Through Writing Articles and Essays By Josh Hinds

I make no bones about it, I’m a raving fan of writing articles and essays. Particularly when it comes to writing on topics which relate to your given industry, or on things that are of interest to those who also operate in the industry you want to network within (i.e build strong connections).

If you’re thinking about passing on reading this, because you think you’re not a writer, don’t. I’ll dispel the myth that it takes some magical formula to produce worthwhile content below. For now, allow me to explain a bit more on what a positive difference writing articles can have on your networking efforts.

November 6, 2007   2 Comments

Networking – Let the Meat and Potatoes Cool First By Josh Hinds

Often one of the hardest things for people who are beginning to embrace professional networking to grasp is that it’s not simply about sharing their product or service, but rather about first building some basic rapport with the person they’ve just met.

The other day I was having a conversation with someone and they said to me point blank, what you say about givers getting, and creating value for others first sounds good… but it’s all a bit to goody two shoes sounding for me. What I want is to get down to the meat and potatoes and see some real business taking place.

November 1, 2007   No Comments

Networking As A Game By Josh Hinds

I’m going to say something that is far overdue…

Business is not meant to be boring! It’s not about waking up each morning, dreading starting the day — and putting on your fanciest outfit — making sure your shoes are polished to a T and just going through the motions day in and day out.

True, a lot of people see it this way… as something that’s needed to survive — a necessary evil if you will.

But it doesn’t have to be viewed this way. In fact, a lot of people (everyone I’ve interviewed here on don’t see their professional lives in this light.

August 30, 2007   4 Comments