Expert Advice On Business Networking And Tips On Developing Your Networking Skills

Anthony Brogna interview – Brand Marketing Strategist

Anthony Brogna helps uncover what makes companies and brands remarkable, so they can deliver innovative offerings to the marketplace. He has led teams in diverse arenas to produce exceptional results. You can connect with Anthony at

Josh Hinds: How do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it’s important?

Anthony Brogna: Business networking is all about building relationships through shared value. Our individual experiences and personal/professional relationships can only be fully appreciated when we share them with people we admire. Connecting in real, honest and authentic ways brings back tenfold of what you give out.

Josh Hinds: Can you share one or two ideas that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their professional networking skills?

Anthony Brogna: Don’t think about what YOU want or need; instead, look to help the other person as significantly as you can. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT! Don’t ask permission, drop a note, pick up the phone or meet someone in person and ask them how you might help. Then, when you are offered help or connections in return, have a clear message to convey of how that person might help you.

Josh Hinds: How has having a well-established business network benefited you? And how can someone just starting out, who basically knows no one in his or her area, go about developing their own network of people? What is key?

Anthony Brogna: The key is to be persistant. Stay alert for networking opportunities wherever you go. The golf course, grocery store, or fitness center to name a few. We are all connected in some way, you just need to be diligent and keep asking! Start out at the classic networking events in town, and look for the super connectors. Then, leverage that angle to develop your own unique networking opportunities.

Josh Hinds: How do you follow up with the people you meet? Do you use any particular system in place for keeping up with and managing the relationships in your network?

Anthony Brogna: Linkedin is very helpful, as is twitter. Those people who are great connectors, are usually frequent communicators of other information online. Look to share info with them that will be beneficial to stay top of mind and show that you care about them. Follow their lead and learn from their actions!

– Happy Networking, Josh Hinds
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