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David Paget – Founder and CEO of

David Paget is the owner of a free sales and marketing advice site online and has been in sales and marketing since leaving school. He is a regular networker at road events and a formidabble networker online. Visit his website at

Josh: How do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

David Paget: Business Networking is something that many businesses do (online and offline) without even realising it. Networking in a simple sentence is communicating your message to other businesses but also communicating their message to others 2. Building trust, loyalty and great relationships together.

Networking is a great way of generating awareness and sales for any business when it is carried out correctly.

Josh: Can you share a few ideas that someone could put into practice which would help them to improve their business networking skills?

David Paget: I would suggest sitting down and writing a list of the best benefits of using their service/product and trying to put this into a small 60 second pitch that delivers quickly and precisely. Something that adds a little humour may also help break the 60 seconds down nicely.

Josh: Can you share a personal networking success story with us?

David Paget: Yes, I am a member at the largest business forum in the UK and had a wealth of information and potential customers at my fingertips. It took me a while to build a good reputation on the forum and meant that I spent time considering my posts before posting. Within 2 weeks of setting up my business I had a diary that was booked 6 months in advance just from that forum.

I believed at the time that the forum that I belong to covered too many generic areas in business so I went about setting up a free sales and marketing site that has really taken off in the short 12 months that it has been live with over 3600 members.

A great success story but networking takes time and persistance before it starts to really take off you cant just jump in there with cheap nike prices and expect a load of business to come from it.

– Happy Networking, Josh Hinds
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  • Jenny Rice

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know it’ll be helpful to those who apply what you shared. Nice and great ideas.nn

  • Thanks Jenny. I’m glad that you found the ideas helpful.