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Interview with Josh Hinds on The Bigg Success Show

I just wanted to mention that I was a guest recently on The Bigg Success Show with Mary-Lynn Foster and George Krueger.

The topic was 3 Keys to Effective Networking — I won’t give away the “keys” I shared here, but I will tell you that one of them was … drum roll please…

“Build your network before you need to your network”…

If you’d like to hear the show I appeared on (as well as learn the other two “keys to effective networking”) you can do so here. While you’re there be sure to have a listen to some of the other shows they’ve done. You’re sure to find lots of great advice in each episode.

Btw. While the interview is audio, they do have a transcript of it as well, in case you find yourself where you’re unable to listen right now. Enjoy!

Happy Networking!
— Josh Hinds