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It’s my pleasure to bring you the following interview with Mary-Lynn Foster and George Krueger — co-hosts of The Bigg Success Show, and

Josh: How do you define business networking? Why do you feel it is important?

Mary-Lynn Foster & George Krueger: Business networking is about making real connections with real people in order to build long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships. We think that many people make the mistake of approaching networking as a quick way to advance their careers or make more money. That’s putting the cart before the horse – focus on building relationships and all the other good things will follow.

Networking is important because, in spite of the growing use of technology and the internet, people still do business with people. Business is personal – people help and support people they know and like.

Keep in mind that “six steps to Kevin Bacon” is too far away. If you know me, and I know Kevin, you have a good chance to connect with him. If you’re further away than that, you have to keep working. Networking, that is!

Josh: Can you share a few ideas that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Mary-Lynn Foster & George Krueger: The hardest part is to get the conversation started. Look for something that you might have in common, something about them that interests you, or just something unusual, topical, or fun.

Keep the conversation balanced. No one enjoys listening all the time, nor do most people like doing all the talking. Find that happy medium. Pay attention to what they’re saying. Comment on it and ask follow-up questions.

Think of it as netplaying, not networking. Don’t be so serious about it. It’s fun to get to know people! You’ll not only learn a lot, you might just meet that life-long friend or business associate in the process.

Josh: What events, places, or resources (online or offline) have you found to be especially good for networking and based on your experience, what makes them stand out?

Mary-Lynn Foster & George Krueger: For our particular business, we love the New Media Expo. We’ve met so many people who’s advice has made a major difference in the product we put forth today. So we highly recommend attending industry events and conferences.

Of course, we also use online resources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. It makes it really easy to keep in touch with your new contacts, reacquaint yourself with connections from the past, and promote your business.

Finally, giving back pays off when it comes to networking. We’ve met some of our closest friends and business associates through volunteering for our favorite charities.

Josh: You’re co-hosts on The Bigg Success Show – can you tell us briefly about the focus of the show. I’m also curious if you’ve found your experience co-hosting the show to be an advantage in growing and cultivating your own professional network. If so, in what ways?

Mary-Lynn Foster & George Krueger: The Bigg Success Show is a daily, five-minute conversation about succeeding professionally and personally. We want our listeners to take away a lesson and a laugh – they tell us all the time that it’s their daily pep talk!

You make a good point about doing a show – it pays to have multiple outlets for networking. People definitely have preferences for how they consume content. So we try to reach out to them with a high-quality product in as many ways as possible. Right now, that means a daily show, our daily blog, and a weekly newsletter. We have plans for even more! It’s all led to attention from clients, partners, sponsors, and leading experts in the industry.

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