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Becky McCray interview – Entrepreneur and Blogger

Becky McCray is an entrepreneur, business consultant and blogger at Small Biz Survival. She created her first blog in 2003. Becky started blogging to share some of the terrific small business resources available. To share her skills, she helps businesses maintain their web presence.

Josh: Becky, how do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

Becky McCray: Business networking is reaching out to people. Business is all about people and relationships. If you aren’t actively reaching out to new people, you are stagnating within a static pool of people, and your business probably shows it.

Josh: Can you share a few ideas that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Becky McCray: Think about others first. Focus on how you can render them some service. I just read a good tip from Tatsuya Nakagawa to mention your new contacts in relevant blog posts you write. That’s a small contribution to their overall presence online.

A second bit of advice, this time from Chris Penn, is to begin thinking of yourself as the hub of your own network. That helps you to be aware of not just new contacts but also connections you can help make happen.

Josh: What events, places, or resources (online or offline) have you found to be especially good for networking? And based on your experience what makes them stand out?

Becky McCray: I’ve found that many people are now “friend sourcing”, or getting recommendations, through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The feeling of connection through those services has contributed to this trend, I think. Offline, I make terrific connections as a member of the Business and Professional Women. It brings together women of all professions.

Josh: Can you share a personal “networking” success story with us?

Becky McCray: I don’t advertise my business consulting at all. Every single bit of it is done by networking, and this year it has really grown! I can point to one single person, Jeanne Cole, who has steered more business my way than anyone else. She has connected me with two new website customers, plus a major contract position. Jeanne does this because she believes in my abilities. So learn to spend time with people who truly believe in you, and make sure you perform up to their belief!

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  • Matthew Cornell

    Great tips! Thank you.

  • Josh Hinds

    Matthew, glad you found them helpful. Becky definitely shared some helpful ideas I agree 🙂 As did you in your interview you participated in on here.

    All the best, Josh 🙂