Expert Advice On Business Networking And Tips On Developing Your Networking Skills

Interview with Jeffery Anderson of FSB Associates

Jeffery Anderson is the Publicity Director at FSB Associates. Since 1995 FSB Associates has promoted many best-selling authors and books through unique web sites and customized web publicity campaigns.

It’s my pleasure to bring you the following advice from Jeffery Anderson…

Josh: How do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

Jeffery Anderson: Next to your skills at managing yourself and others, business networking is one of the most important basic skills to have.

Whether you are buying, selling, expanding or just getting your name around, it can greatly affect the outcome of your career and your business.

Meeting and forging a meaningful relationship with trustworthy people who can be partners and advocates for your business and recommend you to others is a major contributor to growth.

Josh: Can you share one idea that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Jeffery Anderson: Proceed cautiously at first. “Be yourself” is good advice, but some people take it the wrong way. You want to approach people with an eye out for what they are expecting of you. You want to be seen as personable, but not necessarily personal. That comes later. In the beginning of the relationship, always focus more on the person you are meeting than yourself.

Direct the interest toward them unless they ask about you. Answer them and then direct the focus back to them again. People feel good when you are interested in them and it is important to learn as much about them as possible to keep the relationship positive and productive.

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