Expert Advice On Business Networking And Tips On Developing Your Networking Skills

Chris Gloss Interview – Motivational Speaker

It’s a pleasure to bring you Motivational Speaker and Coach, Chris Gloss. He’s known as the “The Possibilitarian” for good reason — A self starter and an entrepreneur, Chris does not believe in limitations of the individual. He speaks with conviction, pushing others to break through the barriers of their perceived limitations.

Josh: How do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

Chris Gloss: Business networking is the proactive advancement toward one’s business goals, by building relationships and affiliations that fill a need or gap, which, when filled, will propel the business toward the attainment of the desired results.

In the past, networking merely consisted of exchanging business cards and maintaining those contacts to call on for future associations. Today, there are many other avenues by which to network, including the Internet and Tele-Conference exchanges.

One key thing to remember is that business networking begins with the proper state of mind. Prior to ever engaging in networking for your business, it is crucial to be very clear about the areas in your business that need strengthening: this will give you the proper foundation to successfully aim your networking efforts. Secondly, the purpose for building new relationships must be firmly established in one’s mind.

Once the weak areas and purpose are established, you can now begin the process of filling those gaps in your business, via strategic networking, designed to cultivate the exchange of resources, expertise and money. Strategic business networking is invaluable to growing a successful business!

Josh: Can you share one idea that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Chris Gloss: Be the First to Give! Networking involves an exchange. People love to receive but it’s rare in the lives of most people to ever have someone give to them freely. The funny thing is that the act of giving will actually open any closed door, tear down any wall, and create an environment where “favor” loves to dwell.

When networking, seek to find out what the other person’s needs and wants are, before seeking to fill your needs. Look for an opportunity to solve a problem for them. Give them a lead to help grow their business, or simply connect them with someone who can help them achieve a higher level of success.

Never ask for anything without first offering something. When you give freely, you will be empowered and receive favor in the sight of the person whom you desire to network with.

These nuggets of wisdom are my gift to you. Enjoy and activate them!

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