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Interview with Scott Ginsberg – That Guy with the Nametag

Scott Ginsberg is an author and speaker on the topic of effective networking. He speaks on topics including: “The Power of Approachability”, and “Becoming a Networking Superhero”. Scott’s the author of three books including: “How To Be That Guy – 47 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Brand that Magnetizes More Business”.

I loved Scott’s idea about carrying blank business cards with you…

Josh: How do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

Scott Ginsberg: I define it as “development and maintenance of mutually valuable relationships.” And I feel it’s important for five reasons:

1) People only do business with you if they’ve heard you, heard OF you, or someone they trust has heard of you.

2) We live in a sales resistant culture.

3) You just never know.

4) The Federal Bureau of Labor indicated that over 70% of all jobs come from networking. I think it’s higher.

5) It works. My entire speaking career turned on the hinges of a guy I met on a bus 4 years ago.

Josh: Can you share one idea that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Scott Ginsberg: Sure. Carry around blank business cards. When someone you’d like to stay in touch with says, “Oh I forgot my card. I guess I’ll just have to call YOU,” give them a blank one, tell ’em to fill it out, then hang on to it so you can keep in touch.

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