Expert Advice On Business Networking And Tips On Developing Your Networking Skills

Interview with Kyle Wilson of Jim Rohn International

The following ideas are from Kyle Wilson, founder of Jim Rohn International. He shares some excellent advice on developing ones business networking skills — that in turn leads to increased business and greater success.

Josh: Kyle, how do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

Kyle Wilson: A perfect world is finding relationships that can create true win/win relationships. And that is what I look for, a truly reciprocal relationship where both sides benefit. Sometimes you like someone and would love to find a way to work with them, but there just isn’t enough common ground to make it work.

Josh: Can you share one idea that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Kyle Wilson: Having worked with Jim Rohn for over 17 years, I learned early the philosophy of bringing value first and then good things will happen. So I always encourage any one new trying to make a break through in a new market, to come prepared to serve and pay your dues. But if you can be valuable, especially to valuable people, you will attract great things.