Expert Advice On Business Networking And Tips On Developing Your Networking Skills

Interview with Jeff Keller

Today we’ve got Jeff Keller — Jeff is a speaker, seminar leader and writer in the area of motivation and human potential. He is also the author of the “Success From Soup To Nuts” Audio Program.

Pay special attention to what Jeff has to say about getting out of your comfort zone. It’ll do wonders for increasing your personal network and expanding the opportunities that find their way into your life.

Josh: Jeff, how do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

Jeff Keller: I define networking as the development of relationships with people for mutual benefit. In the business arena, networking offers the following benefits:

– Generates new clients or business leads
– Increases employment opportunities
– Helps to find people to fill critical positions
– Provides valuable information and resources
– Assists in solving problems, both personal and business

Josh: Can you share one idea that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Jeff Keller: At meetings and seminars, make it a point to meet different people. The tendency is to talk with those you already know. Don’t sit with the same group at every gathering. While it’s great to talk with friends and those you know for part of the meeting, you’ll reap greater benefits if you make the extra effort to meet new faces.

Years ago, I was at a convention. At lunch, instead of sitting with friends, I sat down at a table where I didn’t know anyone. As a result, I met someone who has not only become a great friend — but who has also referred thousands of dollars of business to me over the years. It pays to get out of your comfort zone and to meet new people.

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