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Interview with Chris Knight of

It’s an honor to bring you Christopher Knight, Publisher and CEO of He is also the founder of The Network which is a leading provider of information, tools, and research for business professionals who wish to leverage email, email newsletters and email marketing campaigns to help build, grow, and promote their business.

Pay close attention to the ideas Chris has to share with you here and you’re sure to learn some valuable ideas…

Josh: How do you define Business Networking and why do you feel it is important?

Christopher Knight: Business networking is less about business and more about mutually-valuable relationships… because, businesses don’t do business with each other, but rather at the core of every ‘business deal’ is actually a human relationship or a series of human relationships.

Human networking (“Networking” in my world means ethernet, 🙂 is about staying in touch with old business friends while actively engaging in activities that expands your circle of friends with influence. Sing this tune, “Make new friends, but keep the old… one is Silver and the other Gold!”

It’s also about leadership… especially when the ice needs to be broken at an event.

The best networking opportunities happen when you are able to stay 100% authentic, being confident enough to be humble, and making every encounter with another person to feel valued. This is to have succeeded in networking… and I know this formula will attract everything you and your business will need in the coming years.

Josh: Can you share one idea that someone could put into practice that would help them to improve their business networking skills?

Christopher Knight: Attempt to quantify the size of your human network of friends or the quantity/quality of your networking activities:

You can use simple metrics, such as how many people are you “LinkedIn” with?

How many hours per month do you attend live events (both physical and virtual)? How many business cards do you collect from new friends made at these events?

How many private and public email discussion lists and/or industry-specific forums do you participate in on a regular basis (when I say ‘participate’, I mean meaningful engagement in the community rather than just lurking)?

For me, I make it a point to attend live in-person industry events for the purposes of networking, and use email & IM to follow up with all of the dozens of new contacts made at each event.

While the live events deepen my business relationships & friendships; the one thing that has blown away any networking vehicle of choice is: MY BLOG! There isn’t a better or more efficient way that I know about than to blog every day or nearly every day — thanks to the many insights, referrals and friendships that are made with a target market made up of my ideal stakeholders/clients.

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