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Business Networking Advice Mission Statement

Let me first start by welcoming you to

I’m honored that you’ve found your way here. The purpose of the site is to help you to become more successful by sharing with you an abundance of knowledge which will deal exclusively with Business Networking — that is how to develop your personal networking skills, and as a result reach whatever level of success you desire in your life (both personally and professionally).

What Makes This Unique…

What I believe makes this site unique is that I’m going to be tapping the minds of many experts, from different backgrounds and industries — each of whom happens to be part of my own personal business network (i.e. friends and colleagues).

Why do I believe knowing how to effectively network is so important you ask?

Well, let me tell you a bit about myself…

My name is Josh Hinds and I run several personal development training web sites (, among others). When I started out I had little more than the idea and strong desire to make a place for myself in the Self-improvement industry. Aside from that I was seriously lacking in know how and resources…

However — Pretty much since day one I went about placing importance on getting to know, and developing win, win relationships with people inside my own industry — as well as other areas of business.

In a nutshell — I made business networking a priority in my life. As a result, I’ve managed to forge many wonderful working relationships with people who at one time I may only have known through one of their books, audio programs, or having seen them appear at a speaking event. I don’t say this to come across as bragging — not at all. In fact, the only reason I mention this is that I want to get the point across as clearly as possible to you that no matter what stage you find yourself in you can also benefit greatly from learning and applying the art of effective business networking. I’ve seen what making the commitment to developing this skill can do in both my own life, as well as the life of countless others.

So stay tuned, and do make a point to visit here often. It’s my plan to bring you a treasure trove of business networking ideas and advice. With the help of the many wonderful folks that are part of my own network I have no doubt you’re going to derive great benefit from taking the time to visit here often.

Keeping up with what’s new here is easy. You can sign up for our RSS feed (on the right hand side menu) or you may choose to save us to your favorites or bookmarks. In return I promise to give you the best advice and tips on becoming a master networker.

— To your networking success, Josh Hinds